Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sonya Renee Sale

I got this Sonya Renee necklace (with a C, mind you) last year, and I wear it every day.

From now until Valentine's day, enter BeMine on her site, and get 20% off your order.

There you go Evans. Now I'm good for something.


Blonde, Bland, and BORING.

He belongs on one of those Abercrombie collector bags that we used as room decor in middle school. I mean, what?

Moving on.

The only thing keeping me watching was this desperate chick.

Someone needs to marry her so she'll hush up.
I hear that sobbing about your need for marriage turns a profit.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is Shannon

Boys want her, girls want to be besties with her (phew!), and that would be an awkward statement except for it's factual basis.

She's reached the ripe old age of 21 today and I can't be there to throw her a raging (albeit very mormon) kegger like last year. Let that diet DP flow, ladies and gentleman!

She says things like totes, it's fine it's fine, I'd die for my friends, and ridick on a regular basis.

I think I got half my vocabulary from her. I love the girl.
(on a shallow note, can we all revisit the time when my skin wasn't see through? I want a tanning bed for Christmas. Or just skin cancer. either/or)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNNNNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Throw one back for me!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I still have a blog

Do you people wanna know why I don't blog anymore?

I'm a wee bit busy..and not in the condescending,"blog mom I'm busier than all of you kinda way"
It's more of the, "I'm busy just like all of you, but then I'm too lazy to blog kinda way"
Oh, and I was straightening hangers at my workplace until 1 AM tonight. Commence pity party.

When I get home...I check email...pat Dudley on the head, don't blog, and freakin sleep.

I'm workin on it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our poor generation

I love people who update their facebook statuses on an hourly basis...Sorry Billy, I don't care that you're bathing your dog and will soon be hitting up the grocery store and then going out with your boo.

This video takes it to a new low.

A bride and groom updated their relationship status FROM THE ALTAR.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was perfectly content digging into my Blue Bell this evening..complete with yoga pants and sitting on the kitchen counter..when the douchebag advertising gods chimed in on the size of my thighs.

The Special K commercial came on that states "don't let late night cravings ruin your day"
Nothing was being ruined until you commented on my lard content.

This commercial was immediately followed by the Victoria's Secret double your bra size with this bra commercial complete with Brazilian waifs romping around in next to nothing.

SERIOUSLY? First, I'm reminded that I should be eating Special K to satisfy my cravings and then I'm immediately reminded that if I don't, I'll never star in a Vicky's commercial.
Cuz let me tell you, I'm on their short list.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Courtney the paper doll

Have y'all seen how well traveled I am?

Evans cracks me up.

She's living in Geneva for the semester and took me with her.

It evolved out of a conversation about my obsession with flat stanley..and my loser lack of traveling.

I love the attention to Courtney detail...especially the leopard know me too well, ya freak.